Rules & Regulations

Fall League Play Begins Oct-3-2017 through Dec-12-2017


Hello Players. Hope everyone is having a good week. Sorry for the delay in getting the league standings out to you but I have been in Los Angeles a few days and then working a few days. The matches last week were excellent and we saw some very good tennis, players doing their best and that is what it is about. I know it is too early to get excited about our pool leaders, but I am excited about them. Enjoy the matches next Tuesday. Attached are pool standings, next matches, league schedule, rules and regs and the sub list. I have locked in or am working on subs for the following requests that have been given to me. Subs for October 10 have all been found for the players asking for one. Dominic Lewis, Mark Robinow, Scott Carroll, Paul Porcher, Mark Sambito.