• League Plays Tuesday evenings as scheduled at Mission Hills Country Club, 6pm/6:30pm to 10pm, or to end of match.
  • It is the player responsibility to arrange for a sub for any play weeks they are not available.  It is important for the success of the league that all players are accounted for each week.  Nabil and I are happy to help with subs as needed.
  • Matches are two of three tie break sets doubles.  Prior to play each week, the two teams playing may alter the format to best of two tie break sets with a match tie break en lieu of a third set only if all players agree to alter the format.  All four players must agree or the match is best of three tie break sets.
  • We have three pools of players, Open, High Intermediate and Intermediate.  Rotations for each pool have been prepared.  Each week players rotate partners and opponent teams.
  • Either Jim or Nabil will be on site each week thirty minutes prior to league start time for players to check in and pay the $10 guest fee if applicable.  Guest fees must be paid prior to play.  There is no charge for Mission Hills Members.
  • Balls provided by Mission Hills and Awards provided by Desert Tennis Association.
  • Each week at Mission Hills standings and that week’s schedule of teams will be posted.
  • League information and standings will be posted online at  We will get this up and running asap with our webmaster.
  • Any disputes will be decided by the league referee, for this season, Jim Kloes will be league referee.  USTA rules will be in effect and disputes will be settled in the best interest of the league and players.
  • A pool champion for each pool will be determined based on Matches won, sets won, games won.  In the event a match includes a match tie break in lieu of a third set, the match tie break will count as 1 set, for our league.

Additional rules and regulations may be added as necessary.

Please communicate with me so I know of all subs or problems and can assist if necessary.

Jim Kloes  –  213-300-4379